The Massachusetts School to Career Connecting Activities Initiative



An employer trains teachers about his businessThe Connecting Activities (CA) initiative invites new employers to become active supporters of the effort to help all students become college and career ready.  The "Find Your WIB" link above will lead employers to their local region, and to contact information for the WIB's lead staff person guiding youth initiatives.  We encourage employers to use this CA infrastructure to help match them to the schools that are ready to use their supports.  The local Workforce Investment Board staff know their regions very well, are connected to all the active schools in their regions, and can broker this process.  

Our New Training Video for Employers Now Sponsoring Youth Work-Based Learning Experiences

We are pleased to present a training video for supervisors of interns that explains why and how to use the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan.  From years of experience, we know the value it offers to all participants.  Some employers are so pleased with the process that they have even decided to use the Plan as their evaluation method for their incumbent adult employees as well.  Click and enjoy!


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Watch the New Training Video for Employers about Use of the Work-Based Learning Plan