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Workforce Investment Boards

Local WIBs Guide Connecting Activities in their Regions

Connecting Activities is designed to link the state`s workforce development system with its education system, two realms that operate in isolation from each other in many states around the country.  In Massachusetts, its 16 workforce regions, led by their respective Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), receive funding from Connecting Activities to provide the intermediary role needed for effective career development education for our students. 

Connecting Activities is intended to serve all students.  There are no eligibility requirements for student participation, which is one of the key reasons why Connecting Activities has emerged over the years as an infrastructure for all of the WIBs&39; youth programs.  CA funds help leverage other funding streams that may have a narrower focus on particular youth populations. With CA funding, WIB staff can design connections among programs and offer a seamless set of services to all youth.

All 16 regions have significant programming related to Connecting Activities.  Together, the regions broker thousands of work experiences for youth each year, and they support the work readiness training youth need to be prepared for those jobs before they start.  The WIBs also facilitate a wide range of career activities that help students plan for their futures, including job shadows, career fairs, guest speaker panels, and more.  Many WIBs run teacher externship programs to give our educators access to businesses and organizations that will need their region&39;s students as future employees.  The WIBs are keys to the success of the state`s efforts to make sure that all students are college and career ready by the time they graduate from high school.

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