Massachusetts Connecting Activities


Staff Resources

This page provides internal resources for the Connecting Activities (CA) staff network, including meeting agendas, memos, and other materials.

Running Agenda for Connecting Activities network meetings:

FY2022 Allocation Memo:

Fund code 428 FY22 allocation memo.pdf

Employer Engagement Tips and Resources:

Employer Engagement Resources - Google Docs

Plus:  Local/Regional Guides, Toolkits, Forms for Employer Engagement

CA Posts:

10/27/2021 - Early Career Speakers

FY2022 Quarterly Reporting Instructions:

Quarterly Reporting Instructions (9/14/21)

Connecting Activities Quarterly Reporting Schedule

First Quarter Report
Covers July 1 – September 30
Due October 15th
No Narrative
Please data enter annual goals

Second Quarter Report
Covers July 1 – December 31st
Due January 15th
Include Narrative

Third Quarter Report
Covers July 1 – March 31st
Due April 15th
No narrative

Fourth Quarter (End of Year) Report
Covers July 1 – June 30th
Due July 15th
Include Narrative

NOTE: Qualifying Wages report is due with the annual RFP response near the end of the year