Massachusetts Connecting Activities



An employer presents to a group of teachers about his businessThe Connecting Activities (CA) initiative invites employers to become active partners in the effort to help all students become college and career ready. Through the Connecting Activities initiative, over 4,000 Massachusetts employers each year provide work-based learning experiences for students and participate in a wide array of career development education events, such as career days, guest speaker series, teacher externships, company tours and more.

During this period of pandemic, Connecting Activities is creating new opportunities for students and employers to connect through virtual internships and virtual career development education events, as well as through traditional onsite work experiences where possible.

Contact the MassHire Workforce Board for your region to learn how to get involved.

Video: About the Work-Based Learning Plan

Each year, thousands of students participate in internships, summer jobs and other work experience structured by the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan (WBLP). The WBLP is an easy-to-use tool, available as a paper-and-pen or online form, providing a job description, skills and tasks and performance evaluation to structure work experiences. From years of experience, we know the value it offers to all participants. Some employers are so pleased with the process that they have even decided to use the Plan as their evaluation method for their incumbent adult employees as well. 

We are pleased to present this video for supervisors of interns that explains why and how to use the Work-Based Learning Plan. See the WBLP Resource Guide on this website for further details.

Watch the New Training Video for Employers about Use of the Work-Based Learning Plan