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Signal Success - A Work Readiness Curriculum

This page provides links to view and download materials for the SIGNAL SUCCESS work readiness curriculum
DESE and the Commonwealth Corporation collaborated to develop this version of CommCorp’s Signal Success curriculum. It is designed primarily for students in high schools that offer internships, cooperative education or other youth employment programs, with a special emphasis on students enrolled in designated Innovation Pathways programs. The training material in this manual will help students get ready for an internship or other type of placement in a business or community setting. Students who complete this training can feel confident that they understand what businesses or organizations will expect of them.   

Course Overview: The curriculum consists of 20 sessions. There are 10 foundational lessons (Module A) and 10 Optional, Extension lessons (Module B). Each session offers several activities in which students will learn how to: 

  • Approach internships and work-based learning with a focus on learning and growth
  • Identify and exhibit professionalism and essential employability skills
  • Apply their strengths and emerging professional strategies to problem-solve workplace challenges

Each session encompasses 45 to 60 minutes of curriculum. The teacher’s manuals also include suggestions for condensing the outline as needed. 

Curriculum Overview

Facililtator Manual (Introduction)

Handbook for Students 

Training Video:


Module 1: Understanding the Opportunity of Work-Based Learning 

Module 2: Dependability and Your Best Professional Self

Module 3: Professional Communication

Module 4: Communication with Purpose

Module 5: Collaboration for Professionals

Module 6: Collaborating to Build Relationships and Skills

Module 7: Motivation and Feedback 

Module 8: Taking the Initiative and Persevering in the Face of Obstacles 

Module 9: The Professional Landscape (and how it is different from school)

Module 10: Problem Solving and Finishing Strong