Massachusetts Connecting Activities


CA Professional Development Tutorial

The "Connecting Activities Tutorial" outline provides an introduction to some of the key areas of professional development that are important for our work in the Connecting Activities initiative.

As professionals in the Connecting Activities initiative, we bring expertise in working with employers, schools, youth and community partners. Staff may come from a background in education, guidance, workforce development, human resources, youth programming, or other related fields. Staff all bring different skills to the job, and continually develop additional skills and strategies through their work.

This topic outline provides some of the basic knowledge you need to get started. Beyond these basics, you can invest time in developing skills in youth development, employer outreach, career development, workplace readiness skills, data management and reporting, and many more areas. Feel free to suggest resources, such as websites, reports or guides that you think others in our network would enjoy.

Use the topic outline to navigate through the outline, using the readings, videos and practice/application exercises.

You can sign in with your database username (email) or sign in as a guest. If you sign in with your username, your answers and completion/progress will be tracked in a progress bar.

For each unit, you will read an introduction, view one or more videos or PowerPoint presentations, and then complete some quick hands-on application exercises. Your progress through the series is tracked so that you can earn a certificate or other outcomes from your regional coordinator.