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Dictionary of Skills and Skill Definitions

This page provides a list of skills and definitions that can be used in the Workplace and Career Specific Skills section of the Work-Based Learning Plan (WBLP). Each WBLP includes the six employability skills plus 3-5 skills specific to the workplace or career area. You may choose any of these skills, using the descriptions provided, or adapt from this list to describe the skills used in your work experience.  Scroll through to get ideas about the types of skills included in WBLPs.  You can browse this list (1.) for a specific skill definition or (2.) for a category of skills such as applied academic skills or digital literacy skills.. (3.) You can look at sets of five skills related to various career areas, such as five skills for a WBLP for work experiences in parks and landscaping, or five skills for a WBLP for work experiences in childcare. (4.) You can also search for a particular word or phrase (such as searching for any skill descriptions that mention "reading" or "measurement" or "business math").  Additional examples may be added to this list over time.  For those who use the online version of the WBLP, note that the same skills and skill definitions are available from a dropdown list on the WBLP screen.