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The network of schools that are involved in Connecting Activities is substantial and growing, and offers a strong community of practice for educators dedicated to College and Career Readiness (CCR) for all students. The Connecting Activities initiative began in 1998 and has been expanding ever since. Through its school network, educators can exchange ideas and practices by accessing a wide range of tools, resources and experiences that support students in their career development.  There are over 170 high schools already involved in this initiative, some with small programs for targeted students, some with whole school reform efforts around College and Career Readiness for all, and others falling in between these.

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 By joining the network of schools that are members of Connecting Activities:

  • You will be added to the CA initiative's email list for conferences and professional development events,
  • You will receive an emailed link to register to use the Work-Based Learning Database, and 
  • Your school will be added to the Connecting Activities map.


There are two tiers of participation for schools in Connecting Activities:  High schools that are “Partners” of the network, and those that are “Members.” Here are definitions of each category:

Network Member: Staff of the school connect with the Connecting Activities program through use of the website, the Massachusetts Career Ready database, occasional special events and conferences, online resources, participation in        statewide, regional or citywide Connecting Activities programs or other connections.  Schools assume no obligations as members.

Partner School:  District/school leadership has explicitly agreed with its local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) to enter a partnership so that the school can be active in the Connecting Activities initiative, and it has designated one or more staff in the school who will coordinate work-based learning and/or career development activities through Connecting Activities.  Both the school and the Connecting Activities initiative commit resources to the partnership, such as staff time, space, technology, scheduling, communications and/or other supports.

We invite schools to become members by completing the form above.  [Partner status, which involves an exchange of resources with a WIB, would be mutually agreed upon with that WIB.  Partner schools can be added as resources are available.]