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Map Key C74 - Chapter 74 Approved Programs
 N74 - Non-Chapter 74 Career Technical Education (Perkins) Programs
 IP - Innovation Pathway Programs
 EC - Early College Programs
 PS - Postsecondary CVTE Programs
 Ch74/PS - Both Chapter 74 and Postsecondary Programs
 Other including After-Dark / Collaboratives / Cross-Enrollment

Includes all current programs plus any newly approved Chapter 74 programs, Innovation Pathways or Early College programs.


This map highlights high schools in Massachusetts offering designated programs and pathways.Click on any dot on the map to see a full list of programs offered at a school. Use the Proximity feature to see schools in close proximity to others: this generates a red circle representing an appropriate radius*.

Read more about the programs and pathways.

*The Department defines close proximity as within a 5-mile radius east of I-495, a 20-mile radius in Berkshire County, and a 10-mile radius in other regions.


Schools with any programs/pathways

 SchoolProgram Type(s)#
1Bristol County Agricultural High SchoolC74 325
2Norfolk County AgriculturalC74 430
3Smith Vocational and Agricultural High SchoolC74 387
4Essex Technical High SchoolC74 1138
5Nashoba Valley Technical High SchoolC74 EC PS 562
6Worcester Technical High SchoolC74 EC 1199
7Cape Cod Region Vocational TechnicalC74 452
8Upper Cape Cod Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 598
9Gr New Bedford Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 1558
10Diman Regional Vocational Technical High SchoolC74 PS 1131
11South Shore Vocational Technical High SchoolC74 481
12Bristol-Plymouth Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 1000
13Southeastern Regional Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 1263
14Blue Hills Regional Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 679
15Lynn Vocational Technical InstituteC74 N74 EC 793
16Madison Park High SchoolC74 EC 746
17Northeast Metro Regional VocationalC74 626
18Medford High SchoolC74 414
19Waltham High SchoolC74 N74 295
20Tri County Regional Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 729
21Whittier Regional VocationalC74 EC 920
22Shawsheen Valley Vocational Technical High SchoolC74 946
23Gr Lawrence Regional Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 1300
24Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 932
25Assabet Valley Vocational High SchoolC74 PS 887
26Gr Lowell Regional Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 1780
27Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High SchoolC74 856
28Center For Technical Education InnovationC74 EC 532
29Montachusett Regional Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 1100
30Pathfinder Vocational TechnicalC74 448
31Putnam Vocational Technical AcademyC74 N74 1041
32Holyoke High SchoolC74 EC IP 588
33Westfield Technical AcademyC74 N74 EC 464
34Franklin County TechnicalC74 363
35Marthas Vineyard Regional High SchoolC74 190
36Plymouth South High SchoolC74 N74 435
37Old Colony Regional Vocational TechnicalC74 413
38Silver Lake Regional High SchoolC74 227
39Gloucester High SchoolC74 N74 AfterDark 157
40Weymouth High SchoolC74 299
41Brockton High SchoolC74 N74 IP 534
42Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High SchoolC74 N74 225
43Quincy High SchoolC74 768
44Salem High SchoolC74 N74 EC AfterDark 301
45Attleboro High SchoolC74 IP 687
46Somerville High SchoolC74 EC 405
47Cambridge Rindge and LatinC74 N74 671
48Newton North High SchoolC74 N74 346
49Minuteman Regional High SchoolC74 PS 462
50Joseph P Keefe Technical High SchoolC74 578
51Chicopee Comprehensive High SchoolC74 413
52LPVEC Career TecC74 -
53Monument Mt Regional High SchoolC74 N74 IP 134
54Charles McCann Vocational TechnicalC74 PS 413
55Taconic High SchoolC74 278
56East Boston High School N74 377
57New Mission High School N74 27
58Watertown High SchoolC74 N74 161
59Methuen High SchoolC74 N74 622
60Taunton High SchoolC74 N74 IP 691
61Norton High SchoolC74 112
62Tantasqua Regional VocationalC74 367
63Easthampton HS N74 162
64Wahconah Regional High School N74 62
65Brookline High School N74 389
66Mt Everett Regional N74 34
67B M C Durfee High SchoolC74 N74 EC 642
68Peabody Veterans Memorial High SchoolC74 AfterDark 257
69New Bedford High SchoolC74 N74 376
70The English High SchoolC74 231
71Trinity Day Academy N74 36
72Beverly High School N74 217
73South High CommunityC74 N74 EC IP 329
74South Hadley High SchoolC74 74
75Pittsfield High SchoolC74 N74 8
76Falmouth High SchoolC74 N74 407
77TechBoston Academy N74 66
78Jeremiah E Burke High School N74 32
79Boston Arts AcademyC74 102
80New Heights Charter School of Brockton EC 379
81Lynn English High School EC 49
82Fecteau-Leary Junior/Senior High School EC 11
83Classical High School EC 95
84Chelsea High School EC IP 211
85Charlestown High School EC 95
86Lawrence High School EC IP AfterDark 390
87Framingham High School N74 EC 640
88Marlborough High School EC 165
89Gerald Creamer Center -
90Worcester Alternative School -
91Claremont Academy EC IP 44
92University Pk Campus School EC IP 61
93Sizer School: North Central Charter Essential School EC 17
94Fitchburg High School N74 EC IP 391
95Gardner High School EC IP 67
96High School Of Commerce EC -
97Westfield High School EC IP 81
98Old Rochester Regional High SchoolC74 21
99North Quincy High SchoolC74 N74 329
100Clinton Senior High School N74 28
101OBryant School Math/Science N74 152
102Leominster High School N74 EC 16
103Amherst Regional High School N74 203
104Barnstable High SchoolC74 N74 IP 240
105Boston Green Academy Horace Mann Charter SchoolC74 75
106Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers (Horace Mann ChC74 264
107North High SchoolC74 N74 EC IP 427
108Chicopee High School N74 82
109Milford High SchoolC74 N74 EC 847
110Haverhill High SchoolC74 N74 EC IP 409
111Hopkins Academy EC IP 5
112Chelmsford High School IP -
113Nantucket High School IP 39
114Community Charter School of Cambridge IP -
115Norwood High School IP 47
116Turners Fall High School IP -
117Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School IP -
118Atlantis Charter School IP -
119Excel High School IP -
120Dearborn STEM Academy EC IP 42
121Burlington High School IP 169
122Northbridge High School IP 50
123Burncoat Senior High School N74 EC IP 170
124Quabbin Regional High School IP 37
125Conservatory of the Arts IP -
126Northampton High School IP 50
127Mashpee High School N74 IP 197
128Carver Middle/High School IP -
129Swampscott High School IP -
130Danvers High School EC IP 250
131Everett High SchoolC74 N74 IP 656
132Woburn High School IP -
133Tewksbury Memorial High School IP 15
134Uxbridge High School IP 26
135Shepherd Hill Regional High School IP -
136Doherty Memorial High SchoolC74 N74 EC IP 577
137Gardner Academy for Learning and Technology IP -
138Ware Junior/Senior High School IP -
139Agawam High School IP 11
140West Springfield High School IP 51
141Wareham Senior High SchoolC74 134
142Plymouth North High SchoolC74 N74 429
143Marshfield High SchoolC74 N74 200
144Somerset Berkley Regional High SchoolC74 IP 145
145Lowell High SchoolC74 N74 EC IP 1411
146Bartlett Jr Sr High SchoolC74 IP 44
147David Prouty High SchoolC74 N74 74
148Boston International High School N74 35
149Gateway Regional High SchoolC74 37
150Maynard High SchoolC74 25