The Massachusetts School to Career Connecting Activities Initiative


Topic 7: The Career Development Continuum


·       Career Development Education Guide/Glossary

·       Document: Scope & sequence for Career Development Education

·       From the website: Youth development concepts

Practice / Application Exercises:

·       DATABASE:  View/print Activity List

·       CHART: With a colleague, draw a chart illustrating the scope & sequence of career development experiences that are available, or that you would like to see available, in your school.   

Getting Started - CA Professional Development Outline
Reflection: Professional Roles, Skills and Knowledge
Topic 1: Elements of Connecting Activities
Topic 2: Developing an Internship Program
Topic 3: Using the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan
Topic 4: Working with Employers & Understanding the Labor Market
Topic 5: Building Partnerships with Schools
Topic 6: Using the Massachusetts Career Ready Database
Topic 7: The Career Development Continuum