The Massachusetts School to Career Connecting Activities Initiative


Topic 5: Building Partnerships with Schools


·       Video: “"Preparing Massachusetts Students for Successful Careers"

·       “Strategies for building partnerships with schools” from the website

Practice / Application Exercises:

·       LIST: With a colleague, list 5 benefits to schools of being a partner school or member school in the Connecting Activities initiative.

·       DISCUSSION: See Topic 7: Career Development Continuum.  With a colleague, describe the career development education available to students in each grade in your school or community.  Brainstorm to list career development activities that could be added at each grade level and discuss ways that Connecting Activities can directly provide or indirectly support these activities.  

To learn more:

·       Review the “Assurances” page from the most recent Connecting Activities RFP to see the basic elements of a partnership agreement with schools.