The Massachusetts School to Career Connecting Activities Initiative


Topic 1: Elements of Connecting Activities

Connecting Activities is a statewide network organized through the sixteen MassHire Workforce Boards connecting employers and schools to support work-based learning and other career development education activities for students. 

Connecting Activities is a state budget line item, formally called “School to Career Connecting Activities.”  The term “Connecting Activities” comes from the National School to Work Opportunity Act, which described a career development system as a blend of “School-Based Activities” that happen in schools and classrooms; “Work-Based Activities” that happen in workplaces, and “Connecting Activities” that connect classrooms and workplaces.  


·       View PowerPoint: Introduction to Connecting Activities Webinar

·       From the website: History of Connecting Activities (and 20th Anniversary PowerPoint)

·       From the website: “Who’s on the Map” showing partner and member schools in your region and statewide

·       Print or website:  Most recent Connecting Activities annual report

Practice / Application Exercises

·       CHART:  With a colleague, draw a chart showing the organizations and individuals involved with Connecting Activities in your region. 

·       DATABASE EXERCISE:  Open the database and navigate to the Reports/Admin menu.  View and print a copy of the most recent Connecting Activities Work and Learning Performance Report for your region. 

·       DATABASE EXERCISE:  In the Massachusetts Career Ready Database, view and print a copy of the “Database Checklist” report.

To learn more:

·       Read the Connecting Activities RFR issued by DESE for the current program year to learn about the goals and requirements of the Connecting Activities initiative. 

·       Read your region’s Connecting Activities proposal (response to the RFR) for the current program year.